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>“Attaining Excellence in service industry by providing customer value in each sector of aviation, trading and internationally competitive services.”

>We aspire to give each customer the unique services they need to make their business success.


>• To Get More GSA’s and Represent Pakistan in other Carrier and Country of the world.
• To be the best Exporter Company in Pakistan
• To provide best Customer Services, Hospitality, Comfort and Convenience to our Customers in Airline and as well as in Travel and Tours Company.
• To Provide the International Standard of services in our Car Services Business.

  • Mr. Hamza Ahmed Dawood is the Chairman of Group. The Group of Companies is fully owned. The History of the Company goes back to almost 80 years. Since the establishment of Pakistan, the family has been involved in several business in Pakistan including sole manufacturing, automobiles seats, clearing forwarding and exports of towels
  • We trace our ancestry in travel and tour industry since 1948, when we commenced the business under the name and style of GLOBE TRAVEL SERVICES PAKISTAN LTD. And in due course we had 26 branches on worldwide basis including London Branch at Knights Bridge, New York branch at Empire State Building and Rome Branch at Via De Vinci. We had 6 Branches in, the then, East Pakistan. In view of our extensive network and experience we were called the Asian American Express.
  • We have the pleasure of introducing us to you as a Group of Companies dedicated to travel industry. We are one of the prominent group in travel industry under the name UPTODATE JOURNEYS but with the distinction of being a dedicated travel group. Under the flag of Up-to-date Journeys we have various companies who look after different aspect of travel and each one has its own expertise and collectively the group commands a mentionable share in the industry.
  • Our company M/s. Cyber Excursions is an IATA approved agency, and duly licensed by Government of Pakistan. It has different GDS reservation systems amongst which is GALILEO and ABACUS. This company looks after our ticketing needs and since we have the prevalent GDS reservation system and we have the necessary software and requisite systems. M/s. Cyber Excursions does not cater for only in house business but it has various corporations and companies, in addition to individuals, who utilize our ticketing expertise and get the benefit of best economical fare possible.
  • Since the rules of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have prescribed that they will allow only IATA approved agencies to enter into agreement with Saudi Umra companies, M/s. Cyber Excursions too has entered into agreement with Al- Wessam Company and furnished them with due SR.300,000/- guarantee. In this regard too we have substantial share of the market. We expect to cater to around 4000+ pilgrims until the end of the Last Umrah season.
  • Our flag company M/s. Up to date Journeys holds PSA for Egypt Air. We cater the pilgrim traffic to Baghdad-Karbala-and Najaf. In view of our performance the Iraqi Embassy in Islamabad processes passports submitted for visas by us in shorter period of time than otherwise. In fact we process a very large number of passports for visas.
  • Our company M/s. Metropolitan Cab Services (PvT.) Ltd. Is a approved Private Haj Group Operator, duly notified by the Federal Ministry of Haj and Religious Affairs, Islamabad. Under this company we offer packages for Haj and these packages could range in between PKR 350,000/- to PKR 1000,000/- and our quota for Hajis is 125 persons. This company is solely dedicated to Haj operations.
  • Our Company M/s. UPTODATE TRAVEL AND TOURS conducts tours of holiday packages, honeymoon packages, company sales tours and other tours. In these packages we provide hotel, transport, sightseeing, visits to historical places and optionally food.
  • We operate Rent a Car business under the name of M/s. HADs Global Enterprises. The fleet consists of 08 Toyota Carolla GLI of 2017 model and 08 cultus of 2017 model and 02 Wegan R of 2017 model. These cars are not only used by individuals, or picnic goers they are also used by corporations and companies to transport their staff from the work place to their homes and vice versa. Our transport is also used by the Department of Tourism, Government of Sindh.
  • We are duly licensed Agents for Pakistan Customs under the name and style of M/s. CONTINENTAL SHIPPERS and have been handling cargo, both air and sea for the last 40 years. During these years we conducted sales on most carriers operating out of Pakistan. We also provide individuals with personal baggage services. This Company of ours was established on March 15th 1968. It has been duly licensed by the Custom Authorities as CUSTOM HOUSE AGENTS to act as CLEARING AND FORWARDING AGENTS and were awarded the license No.325. we have been serving our clients their satisfaction.
  • We have been appointed as the sales agents for Department of Tourism, Government of Sind, . We conduct tours for them including city tours and safari tours for them. Any tours that they conduct themselves, they use our transport. The use our transport for VIP movements also.
  • One of our company Upto Date Trading Consortium deals in export of Beef, Mutton, Poultry (Chilled & Frozen) and Rice to different countries, currently exporting to Oman and Qatar. • One of our Company Hyderabad CNG Station is a Petrol Pump Located in Hyderabad Pakistan, Which is also authorized as a dealer of PSO, Pakistan State Oil.
  • One of our Company Alpha CNG Station is a CNG Petrol Pump Located at Super Highway near Hyderabad.
  • One of our Company Imperial Rubber deal in Manufacturing of HARD RUBBER for HIGHRISE BUILDING and BRIDGES for Earthquake and Shocks Resistance.

Up to Date Journey Parent Company

  • We are the nominated Agent for AIR BLUE, NAS Air another international carrier operating out of Pakistan.
  • Preferred Sales Agent for AIR CHINA • We are in Process for the GSA of Rwanda Air.
  • We are in Process for the GSA of Cham Wings.

Global Aircrafts Spares

One of our company M/s Global Aircrafts Spares is have the exclusive rights for Complete Pakistan and Complete Authorization for Marketing and distribution of spares to any MRO, CHARTER Carrier, Private Carrier, Flying School etc, by M/s Aero Tech, which is a based in Jabel Ali Free Zone. We would like to offer you any technical services required by your kind side. We can offer you any Spares of any Aircraft type. we will also be accepting the complete inventory for the complete year upon commitment from your side of purchasing the spares, upon placement of order for the spare Invoice will be raised, clearance of the Invoice will be required to process your order. Long Lasting Relationship with a large number of OEM/Partners and vendors, give us the ability to deliver parts on time to our customers. Aero tech provides service support and solutions management from aviation distributor’s stockiest and technical solutions providers to the aviation industry for the military, individual, commercial & business operates. We take pride In direct contact with our end users to ensure prompt support through instant commutation, low lea times and competitive pricing. Our warehouse and infrastructure are strategically located in Dubai, a large aviation supply hub, conveniently connected by air, land and sea. A customized sticking & warehousing model at our forwarding locations provide on time support to customers as per their budget, time scale and regional requirements. Providing materials and services at customers doorstep in our niche, and we can tailor our services to suit the requirements of individual customer.



Global Aircraft Spares is the leading resource for increasing visibility and sell-through in heavy maintenance facilities, repair shops and operators across the globe.


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